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465 Bellmore Rd
East Meadow, NY 11554

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Main Office: (516) 679-3500
Fax #:
(516) 679-3507
(516) 228-5232

Mrs. Jamie Mack

Assistant Principal: Ms. Janine Farinella

School Hours: Kindergarten thru Grade 5: 9:14 -3:29PM



Parkway Pride

Parkway Elementary School is an integral part of our community. Students are invited to discover, experiment, invent, and dream in our child-centered classrooms. The staff strives to advance the achievement of all students by creating and maintaining an academically rigorous environment where students are supported and nurtured so that all of them have the opportunity to meet their maximum potential.

Educating the students of Parkway is truly a team effort. We are proud of our highly involved and active PTA. Members work closely with our administration, teachers and staff to provide a wide array of programs and activities that are integrated with our curriculum. As a team, we emphasize and promote a spirit of collaboration and cooperation in all of our efforts to enrich and educate our students.

It is our goal to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of each individual student and help each one of them strengthen their character. We pride ourselves in our ability to foster a spirit of collaboration and cooperation in all of its efforts to enrich and educate our students. With the efforts of our dedicated staff and the home/school connection, we strive to ensure excellence in education for all our children.

Current News

Parkway Students Submerge into the Realm of Emmy and NASA

Parkway Students Submerge into the Realm of Emmy and NASA photo

Throughout the week of October 22, fourth-grade students at Parkway Elementary School in the East Meadow School District had the unique opportunity to be part of a program called Submerge Storytelling. This opportunity helps to inspire creativity in children by facilitating a physical and metaphysical environment where they can lose themselves in their imaginations.

Following the along with the fictional storyline of “Surfing on Saturn,” the school’s literacy center was transformed into the room of Emmy Sagan by Cory Levine of Submerge Storytelling. Emmy is a 12-year-old scientist and engineer who has invented the award-winning Emmy Engine to help her best friend Broman improve his surfing skills. 

As the story and week evolved, Emmy asked the students to take part in an Operation Battery simulation along with NASA. With the supply of batteries nearly gone in the world as part of the plot, NASA asked the assistance of Emmy and the students at Parkway to assist with a mission to Saturn to recover minerals that can help restore the supply of batteries.

Throughout the lesson, students used critical thinking and problem-solving strategies. Submerge Storytelling provides a pragmatic educational curriculum in addition to teaching important life skills and values through text-to-self literary connections. The interactive learning strategy is used to foster a sense of individuality, camaraderie and community. 

Parkway thanks Mr. Levine for coming to the school for this adventure as well as the PTA for providing students with the opportunity to enter the realm. 

Parkway Students Embrace Yoga

Parkway Students Embrace Yoga photo

Throughout the week of Oct. 1, students at Parkway Elementary School participated in yoga sessions with instructor Donna Coogan. The sessions presented opportunities for students to experience lessons in breathing exercises along with introductory yoga poses.

Coogan welcomed two classes at a time during 45-minute sessions throughout three days. Students were taught yoga techniques such as the cobra, cat, downward facing dog and child’s pose as they learned how to stretch while focusing on mindfulness. 

Many of the students were excited to welcome Coogan back after being introduced to the benefits of yoga last April. The groups were reminded of how yoga can help in school, sports and many other areas of their lives by keeping calm and centered. 

Parkway Takes Lessons on Fire Safety and Prevention

Parkway Takes Lessons on Fire Safety and Prevention photo

Members of the Wantagh Fire Department visited Parkway Elementary School on Sept. 21 to demonstrate lessons of fire safety and prevention for students, prior to National Fire Prevention Month in October.

Firefighters from the department exhibited proper techniques of how stop, drop and roll in the school’s gymnasium in addition to educating the kindergarten, first-grade and second-grade students about general fire safety. Fire department representative Bill Mackay dressed head-to-toe in equipment to showcase a full firefighter uniform.

In the school’s cafeteria, third- through sixth-grade classes were shown a fire safety video followed by lessons on how to escape a house fire. The lessons were put to the test as students had the opportunity to enter the Wantagh Fire Department smoke house. One by one, they used the safe escape route to ultimately gather as a group.

The district thanks the Wantagh Fire Department for educating students on these valuable fire safety and prevention rules.

Parkway Classes Take Responsive Approach

Parkway Classes Take Responsive Approach photo

Classes at Parkway Elementary School in the East Meadow School District showcased a pilot program called “responsive classrooms” on the morning of Sept. 18 by holding morning meetings between teachers and students. 

Inside the kindergarten and first-grade classrooms of Krystal Mancuso and Amy DePaulo, respectively, students gathered to greet one another while also engaging in sharing discussions, group activities and morning messages. In Mrs. Mancuso’s class, students made eye contact before shaking each other’s hands. Students also had the opportunity to share stories of a recent activity and some even told jokes. 

The objective of the morning meetings is to allow the students to gather as a community while merging social, emotional and intellectual learning in addition to creating a climate of trust and respectful interactions. 

Classes at Bowling Green Elementary School are also engaged in this pilot this year.  If successful, this program could be expanded to more classrooms and other district elementary schools next year.  

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