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Bowling Green School

2340 Stewart Ave.
Westbury, NY 11590

bowling green imagePrincipal: Maria Ciarametaro

Assistant Principal: Amelia Olivera Garcia

Important Phone Numbers

Main Office:

BG Fax:
District Hotline:


Bowling Green Elementary School belongs to the East Meadow School District located in the center of Nassau County, Long Island, NY. We are a large school with almost 900 students in grades K to 5.

100 Days Smarter At Bowling Green

100 Days Smarter At Bowling Green photo

Kindergartners at Bowling Green Elementary School celebrated their 100th day of learning by participating in a day full of activities inspired by the milestone number.

Throughout the day, the young students engaged in lessons that incorporated math, literacy and creativity. They counted by tens to create beaded necklaces, penned answers to the statement “I Wish I Had 100…” and designed “100 Day of School” crowns. Carrying the theme over to their wardrobe, they embodied the fashion of centenarians, wearing suspenders, hair rollers, mustaches and glasses.

First-grade classes at the school also got in on the fun. They sported T-shirts that they had personalized by gluing 100 items, such as Legos, birthday candles, Popsicle sticks and stickers on them. They also wrote reasons why they love first grade on small paper hearts, and then arranged them on a banner to form the number 100.       

Bowling Green Students Use Their Noggins On ‘The Brain Show’

Bowling Green Students Use Their Noggins On ‘The Brain Show’ photo

Students at Bowling Green Elementary School had a chance to show off their brainpower by answering questions during “The Brain Show.”

According to its website, the Brain Show is an educational trivia contest with the authentic look and feel of a live television game show equipped with podiums, buzzers and microphones.

Divided into three teams, students in grades 2-5 went head-to-head answering questions related to classroom curriculum such as math, biology, geography and more. After three questions, new teams were created to allow as many students as possible to participate in the fun. 

Encouraged by a cheering audience, teams also racked up points between rounds by successfully completing dance challenges they had learned prior to the start of each new game.

Bowling Green extends a special thank-you to its PTA for organizing this interactive program. 

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