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Barnum Woods

500 May Lane
East Meadow, NY 11554

Principal: Gregory J.R. Bottari

Assistant Principal: Harriet Alfano

Important Phone Numbers

Main Office:

The Barnum Woods Elementary School is a school dedicated to creating a learning environment, which enables our students to meet the demands of a challenging, dynamic society. Our children know that parents, teachers, administrators and the Barnum Woods community, as a whole, are focused on ensuring their development as life-long learners. "
~Gregory J.R. Bottari, Principal

Current News

A Thankful Community

A Thankful Community photo

The East Meadow School district celebrated individual years of service and student success at the final Board of Education meeting of the school year on June 19.

One Final Farewell for East Meadow Seniors

One Final Farewell for East Meadow Seniors photo

All five elementary schools throughout the district welcomed senior class members from East Meadow High School and W.T. Clarke High School for the district’s second annual “Senior Walk Through” on June 19.

The seniors returned to the elementary school they graduated from seven years ago to take one more tour of the building they grew up in before officially moving on from the district. Current elementary school students, staff and administration welcomed the Class of 2019 with cheers, signs and wishes of good luck and encouragement as they embark on their next chapter.

The district would like to thank the principals and staff from both high schools and each of the five elementary schools for continuing the tradition of honoring its graduates. 

Honoring the Stars and Stripes

Honoring the Stars and Stripes

The district honored Flag Day on June 14 across all four elementary schools. Special morning ceremonies at each building welcomed students, staff and community members. 

Barnum Woods, Bowling Green, Meadowbrook and Parkway elementary schools took their tributes outside, where student bands performed and administrators addressed the significance of Flag Day and the country’s flag. 

Barnum Woods extended the celebration with the annual wellness walk through the surrounding neighborhood with students waving American flags. At Meadowbrook, the school hosted a surprise recognition ceremony to honor retiring Assistant Principal Gail Gallucci.

“Thank you to all students, staff and community members, including those that serve, that helped us celebrate Flag Day throughout East Meadow,” said Superintendent of Schools Kenneth A. Card, Jr.


Celebrating Pride in Heritage

Celebrating Pride in Heritage

Third through fifth grade students in the English as a New Language program at Barnum Woods Elementary School celebrated the inaugural Family Heritage and Culture Museum on June 5.

Students showcased projects based on their family’s culture and the countries from which they hail. Trifold poster boards were filled with facts and fun information from students’ research on countries such as China, Brazil, Honduras, India and Columbia. Students were also encouraged to bring in a native dish for their classmates to enjoy.

“We are so proud of these students for working so hard on their projects,” said fifth grade teacher Jessica McCann.


Pen to Face

Pen to Face photo

Katie Kirichenko’s fourth grade class at Barnum Woods Elementary School welcomed their pen pals from the Uniondale Union Free School District’s, Walnut Street School, on June 5.  Together, Ms. Kirichenko’s class and Robyn Weinstein’s fourth grade class from Uniondale held a special meeting.

The two classes began writing to each other as pen pals this past October and continued the relationship with their pen pals throughout the year. Student letters included details on different happenings in their lives, class projects being worked on and certain facts about themselves. 

The culmination of the project came during the face-to-face meeting. As Mrs. Kirichenko’s class entered the building’s all-purpose room, Mrs. Weinstein’s students were holding up signs with their names and the names of their pen pals to begin the interaction. 

Next, students participated in a STEM activity called “Save Fred,” that required the pen pals to work together. The exercise was based on the story “Fred the Gummy Worm,” where Fred forgot to put on his life preserver — a gummy Life Saver — before taking a ride in his plastic cup boat. With the boat flipped over, the students had to use four paperclips to put the Life Saver around Fred without using their hands. 

Following the project, students wished each other a great summer.  

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