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Superintendent of Schools

March 6, 2018

To The East Meadow Community,

In light of the recent tragedy in Parkland Florida, I believe it is important to share with you what we have in place to ensure the safety of our students and staff in the East Meadow School District.  Please know that your child's safety, well-being and security are our number one priority.  Below you will find a list of continual efforts made by the East Meadow School District to ensure our students and staff are safe. We will continue to work to ensure the highest level of safety possible.

  • We are currently conducting a thorough review of our security program.
  • Crisis management teams and school safety plans for each building are in place. We have written and practiced plans for all emergencies including an active shooter incident. We will be reviewing and practicing our lockdown/active shooter drills in the coming weeks.
  • All classroom doors can be locked and teachers are trained to do so in the event of an active shooter incident.
  • Plans Currently in Progress: SMART Bond
    • Door ajar devices on all exterior doors to detect when doors, that should remain closed, are opened
    • Video monitoring of all doors throughout the district
    • Card systems for teacher and support staff access to building, as well as student and staff identification cards
    • Wiring our schools to ensure full Wi-Fi access is available at all times to both staff and students
  • Plans Currently in Progress: Training
    • Vary times of safety drills
    • Include input/direction from law enforcement
    • Reinforce existing procedures
    • Include monitor/support staff training
  • Plans Currently in Progress: Outreach
    • Meet with all community stakeholders to establish district-wide Safety Team
    • Seek and support parental involvement
    • Reinforce the “see something say something” protocol district-wide
  • Close supervision of recess and transitions to and from the school where staff is equipped with radios that communicate with the main office.
  • Guidance Counselors, School Psychologists and Social Workers are trained individuals who provide students and families with assistance in social-emotional matters.
  • Establish a district-wide Safety Team that collaborates with the Nassau County Police Department and the district leadership team. Quarterly meetings to review our emergency procedures.
  • Plans for additional layers of security that will be presented to the Board of Education in the coming weeks:
    • RAVE System, which provides for direct communication to the Nassau County Police Department’s 911 Call Center
    • Improve communication systems at our elementary schools by putting speakers in hallways and on the playground
    • Passage Point - a secure visitor identification and tracking system which we will pilot at several of our campuses this Spring
    • Issuance of ID Cards to staff and students
    • Security guards for each of our school buildings
    • Security vestibules for each school where one does not currently exist
    • Bullet proof glass doors at school entrances
    • Maintain a single access entrance/exit at each of our school buildings

Below, you will find additional web resources that may be of help. Please know that if your child is demonstrating any anxiety or fear regarding school safety, please contact your child's principal immediately.

I ask that we all work together to continue to create a safe and positive learning environment for our children. 


Dr. Kenneth A. Card, Jr.
Superintendent of Schools


Dr. Card photo
Dr. Kenneth A. Card 
Superintendent of Schools
(516) 478-5776