Giving Back to Their Community

Members of the Bowling Green Kiwanis Club and faculty collected nonperishable food items from each classroom at the school for donation to local families. The charitable drive, which ran from Nov. 2-19, yielded a donation of 800 pounds of food.
At the end of the drive, the Kiwanis Club assembled boxes filled with canned goods, stuffing, pasta, rice, gravy and cereal for families in the community.

Meadowbrook Is United

The students of Meadowbrook Elementary School received a valuable character education lesson when Lyle Cogen, an independent arts and education professional, visited the school to lead a workshop about bullying.
Through the interactive workshop, Ms. Cogen shared ways to create a better school environment. The students took part in various activities to understand how bullying affects others and how they can become upstanders, which are those who take a stand against bullying and help others who are being bullied.    

And the GRAMMY Goes To…

East Meadow and W.T. Clarke high schools have been named semifinalists in the 2016 GRAMMY Signature Schools program.

The program, established in 1998, recognizes the top U.S. public high schools that commit to providing students with an outstanding music education program throughout the academic year.

In mid-March, the program will announce the Gold recipients (finalists), with one school program honored as the National GRAMMY Signature School.

“It is a tremendous honor to have both of our high schools recognized as semifinalists,” said Superintendent of Schools Leon J. Campo, who congratulated both schools on their music programs. 

High Hopes for Full-Day Kindergarten


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Parkway students learned about the importance of teamwork with the help of representatives from the New York Islanders and team mascot Sparky.
The Islanders staff and Sparky spoke to students about the team’s definition of teamwork, explaining how the Islanders use teamwork to improve their hockey skills, win games and play as one.

To further emphasize the importance of teamwork, three students and school Principal Jamie Mack participated in a teamwork challenge. Team blue, consisting of three students, and team orange, Ms. Mack, competed to see which group could put hockey gear on the fastest. Due to their collaboration, the blue team prevailed!

Students Welcome the Newest Additions to Their Class

Patricia Bertolini’s third-graders at Bowling Green Elementary School created a tropical habitat to house their new class pets.
After researching which animal would best fit the capacity of their classroom, the students identified the tetra goldfish as the optimal class pet because they can withstand temperature changes, adapt to new situations and require minimal care. Tetra goldfish also eat remnants off the bottom of the tank, keeping their home clean.  
Following their research, the class constructed a fish tank filled with gravel rocks, plants, a filter and a heater for their new classroom additions.   

Veterans Celebrated at Barnum Woods

Barnum Woods fourth-graders in Ellen DiCocco’s class paid tribute to family members and friends who served in the armed services with a heartfelt assembly on Nov. 10.
The Veterans Day ceremony began with a student-led procession, with the fourth-graders singing and waving flags as each veteran guest took a seat on the school stage. Students also led attendees in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and singing “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Barnum Woods Principal Gregory Bottari extended his appreciation to the veterans present and reminded the students of why they should never forget the selfless contributions such men and women have made to our country.

“It is our privilege to say thank you to all of our nation’s veterans,” Mr. Bottari said. “The price for freedom is high, and we can’t forget to thank those who are responsible for it.”

In addition to sharing historical information, singing and reciting poems, the fourth-graders paid tribute to family members who served in the armed services who were unable to attend. One way the class did this was by creating a board with photos and information on their veteran family members, which was highlighted at the event.

 “When I would ask the children what a veteran is, they weren’t too sure,” Mrs. DiCocco said. “Now they know the branches of the armed forces and why we are celebrating. Most importantly, they know to respect our veterans.”

Mr. Bottari also took time to honor Mrs. DiCocco, who has successfully run the Veterans Day ceremony for 10 years. The fourth-grade teacher said she started the event because she wanted the children to have an understanding of what makes a person a veteran.   

Living a Healthy Life One Step at a Time

In honor of Red Ribbon Week, George McVey Elementary School students, teachers and community members came together to promote healthy lifestyles by walking through the community. Among the attendees, New York State Sixth District Sen. Kemp Hannon and New York State Assemblyman Tom McKevitt greeted community members and students during the walk.    
Prior to the event, members of the band performed while classes gathered with wellness signs outside the school. Each class created a sign to emphasize their commitment to making healthy choices, with messages including, “Love yourself! Live a healthy lifestyle,”  “McVey Go Healthy!” and “Eat Good, Feel Good.”

Sailing on the Creative Story Ship

Bowling Green students were inspired to write creative stories after enjoying an interactive performance by the Story Pirates.

The arts education group used puppets, dances and songs to showcase stories created by elementary school students across the nation. They re-enacted stories about a scary bumblebee, baking for a friend’s birthday party and teaching younger brothers how to care for pets.

Following the show, students were encouraged to write their own stories and submit them to the Story Pirates to potentially be included in future performances.  

Walking with a Jug on Their Shoulders

Woodland Middle School seventh-graders walked a mile around school grounds to raise funds for Island Harvest and Water for South Sudan.
As part of the seventh-grade English curriculum, students read Linda Sue Park’s New York Times bestseller “A Long Walk to Water,” which is based on the true story of Salva, an 11-year-old boy who safely led 150 boys to Kenya during the civil war in South Sudan.
After reading Park’s novel, the English department was inspired to help regions in need of water and food. The department arranged for a water walk in order for students to understand Salva’s hardship and help those in need.

Each student donated $1 to carry a gallon of water during the mile walk. Following the walk, students donated more than 350 jugs of water to Island Harvest, a hunger relief organization with the mission “to end hunger and reduce food waste on Long Island.” In addition, more than $800 was raised for Water for South Sudan, a not-for-profit organization that provides clean, safe water to areas of South Sudan.

Sixth-graders at the school also benefited Island Harvest by collecting
non-perishable foods for the organization in conjunction with learning about world hunger.

Students Strive for Personal Success

In honor of Unity Day, students at W.T. Clarke Middle School participated in an interactive assembly titled “Be Amazing!” The assembly encouraged students to strive to be their personal best every day, regardless of limitations.

Following the presentation, the students created paper “I Am Amazing” T-shirt cutouts, writing on them some of the reasons they are amazing. They came up with a variety of attributes, such as receiving good grades, lend a helping hand and being nice to their classmates.

Tying the Knot with Healthy Choices

Meadowbrook students tied red ribbons along their school’s fence in honor of Red Ribbon Week. Each ribbon was affixed to the outline of the school’s Red Ribbon slogan, “Drug Free Is the Key.” Prior to this activity, students learned about numerous ways to live a healthy lifestyle, such as exercising, eating nutritious food and drinking plenty of water.   

Happy Safe Halloween


In honor of Halloween, East Meadow High School students decorated their school for younger children to safely trick or treat.


District to Welcome Regent Tilles at Nov. 19 Board Meeting

At its business meeting on Nov. 19, the East Meadow School District Board of Education will welcome New York State Regent Roger Tilles. The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. at the Leon J. Campo Salisbury Center, located at 718 The Plain Road in Westbury.

During his visit, Regent Tilles will acknowledge the achievement of McVey Elementary School, including its students, parents and staff, in meeting the federal standards for a National Blue Ribbon School. Regent Tilles will publicly recognize McVey’s achievement, even though the school was denied Blue Ribbon status solely due to the percentage of students who “opted-out” of state assessments last year. Currently, guidelines for Blue Ribbon status state that a school’s “opt-out” percentage cannot exceed 5% of the student population, a factor that the school or district do not have any control over.

Regent Tilles will also take questions from members of the East Meadow school community during his visit. All community members are invited and encouraged to attend.

Three ‘Times’ You’re Out at the Old Ball Game

In honor of the New York Mets playing in the World Series, Kristi DeLace and Kara Riley’s third-graders at Parkway Elementary practiced their multiplication skills by playing baseball.

The class was divided into the New York Mets and the Kansas City Royals, with a pitcher from each team rolling dice to create a multiplication equation for their teammate. After the pitch was thrown, the batter had to say the equation and give the correct answer.

If the teammate correctly answered the equation, they received a hit. Five hits qualified as a home run, and the team that scored three runs won the World Series.   

East Meadow HS Jets Soared During Homecoming


Community members, students, staff and administration cheered for the East Meadow High School football team on Oct. 24 as the Jets defeated Baldwin High School, 20-13.

Prior to the game, cheerleaders, Rockettes, students and the homecoming court paraded through the community from Veteran’s Memorial Park. Members of each grade created “Attraction” themed floats, including The Bronx Zoo, Broadway, Disney and the Big Apple Circus as they threw candy to bystanders.

During the game, Jets quarterback Anthony LaRosa was 3-for-5 for 31 yards, scoring two touchdowns and rushing for 23 yards on seven carries. Running back Billy Piano rushed for 37 yards and scored a touchdown on nine carries.   

At halftime, the cheerleaders, Rockettes and marching band gave a spectacular performance and received a standing ovation from the crowd. The homecoming king and queen, Caleb Blaise and Victoria Bova, respectively, were then announced. This year’s homecoming court consisted of Joe Antuofermo, Mario Froehlich, William Kratina, Danielle Levy, Nicole McGuinee, Taylor Oommen, Tom Provenzano and Laura Tynan.


Growing Roots to Be Drug-Free

In honor of Red Ribbon Week, Parkway students pledged to live drug-free by planting red tulip bulbs around the school. Each bulb planted emphasized the importance of living drug-free and making healthy life choices.

Are You Ready to Be ‘All In?’

Motivational speaker Gian Paul Gonzalez spoke to Woodland Middle School seventh-graders about committing emotionally and socially to their academics.
Gonzalez delivered an inspiring message to students about being “all in,” explaining that it means committing to your studies, family and teammates regardless of potential failure.  
During his speech, Gonzalez related to the students with past memories of playing basketball in high school and for the NBA. He explained that when you’re all in, you put forth all your effort, regardless of the outcome. 
Gonzalez said he shared the same speech with the New York Giants, turning their season around to win the Super Bowl in 2012. He also encouraged every student to declare their commitment to always being “all in.”

Where We Stand and Why – An Important Message from the Board of Education


Nov 26, 2015