Traveling Back to American Indian Territory

Parkway Elementary School fourth-graders traveled back 2,000 years through Journeys into American Indian Territory, a program that taught them about American Indian tradition, culture and survival.
The in-school field trip immersed students in the native culture with a museum displaying tools and clothing and highlighting traditions. Students learned how American Indians gathered food, hunted, made clothing and built wigwams. In addition, the fourth-graders played American Indian games with their classmates.

Students Earn All-State Music Honors

Eleven students from the district have been selected by the New York State School Music Association to perform in the All-State festival at the 2015 NYSSMA Winter Conference in Rochester, New York, from Dec. 3-6. Thirteen students have been selected as All-State alternates.

The conference, which will be held at the Rochester Convention Center, will feature the top high school student-musicians from across New York State. The district commends the following students for their musical achievements and remarkable performances at the NYSSMA solo evaluation festival last May:   

W. T. Clarke High School:
James Curran – double bass – Symphony Orchestra
Aaron Dawson – snare drum – Wind Ensemble
Michelle Hromin – Bb clarinet – Symphonic Band
Lynn-Yen Koh – Bb clarinet – Wind Ensemble
Katya Weiss – violin – Symphony Orchestra

Jonathan Cozzoli – violin
Jaclyn Gonzalez – violoncello
Alby Joseph – violoncello
Alexandra Michaelis – flute, piccolo
Antonella Vigliotti – flute

East Meadow High School:
Francisco Avila – bass II –Mixed Chorus
Joshua Cohan – bassoon – Symphonic Band
Jamie Morein – piccolo, flute – Wind Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra
Jaden Nogee – mallet percussion – Symphony Band
Arun Sam – bass I – Mixed Chorus
Emily Shallbetter – soprano II – Mixed Chorus

Kyle Barker – jazz bass, double bass
Alyssa Budzynski – viola
Emily Crawford – jazz tenor trombone
Matthew Erman – jazz alto saxophone, jazz baritone saxophone
Russell Ettinger –jazz trumpet
Matthew Koegel – double bass
Jaden Nogee – snare drum, timpani
Kirkland Sugrim – double bass

W.T. Clarke High School Student Earns Recognition

W.T. Clarke High School student Daniel Ong has been named a Commended Student in the 2016 National Merit Scholarship Program.

Approximately 34,000 students across the country were recognized as Commended Students for their outstanding academic performance. Daniel placed among the top 5 percent of approximately 1.5 million students who entered the competition by taking the 2014 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test.

The district congratulates Daniel on his academic achievement and wishes him much success during his senior year.

Fifth-Graders Share Their Culture

Fifth-grade students of Barnum Woods Elementary School practiced their public speaking skills by sharing cultural artifacts reflecting their backgrounds.

Prior to presenting their cultural artifacts, students of Gene Vassel’s fifth- grade class learned the skills to become exceptional public speakers such as eye contact, confidence and good posture.

To implement these newly acquired public speaking skills, fifth-graders shared a cultural artifact to highlight their cultural differences. Some of the cultural artifacts included clothing, coins, glasses and recipes.   

Fourth-Graders Honor Victims of 9/11

In honor of Patriot Day, Barnum Woods Elementary School fourth-grade students created a class quilt in memory of the victims who died on Sept. 11.

Jessica McCann’s fourth-grade class learned about patriotism, defined what a hero is, and designed a class quilt by creating squares symbolizing America and patriotism.

In addition, the fourth-graders read Roger Robicheau’s poem “The American Hero” and wrote essays about their heroes or a heroic event that impacted their lives.

Bowling Green Students Honor World Peace

In honor of the International Day of Peace, students of Bowling Green Elementary School created pinwheels to celebrate world peace.

Jeremy Gilley’s “Peace One Day” movement to educate the world about creating world peace inspired fifth-grade teachers to educate their students on the subject. Fifth-graders watched Gilley’s video, “One Day Journey,” and discussed anti-bullying, peace and ways to practice peace in their school. Following the discussion, they decorated pinwheels that expressed their feelings and thoughts on these topics.

In recognition of the day, the students placed pinwheels, a symbol of simpler times, around their school.

Recognizing the Community for Full-Day Kindergarten


The district held a full-day kindergarten celebration at Bowling Green Elementary School on Sept. 17 to thank community members for supporting its transition to full-day kindergarten. Bowling Green Principal Maria Ciarametaro welcomed community members and acknowledged their involvement in making full-day kindergarten a reality.

During the event, kindergartners expressed their excitement with a show-stopping performance to a few songs, including “Hello,” “I Am Special” and “God Bless America.”

Superintendent of Schools Leon J. Campo thanked community members, parents, the Board of Education, staff and local politicians for being part of a once- in-a-lifetime celebration and enriching the lives of students.
“Full-day kindergarten will enrich the lives of our children through art, music, theater, physical education, math, science, socialization and citizenship,” he said.   

East Meadow HS Student Named National Merit Semifinalist

East Meadow High School student Zainab Nathani was named one of the 16,000 semifinalists in the 2016 National Merit Scholarship Program.  

Approximately 1.5 million students entered the competition by taking the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test in 2014. Students are recognized with a selection index score based on their combined scores in critical reading, mathematics and writing.

To become a finalist, Zainab must fulfill a number of requirements, including maintaining her prestigious academic performance, receiving a recommendation from a high school official and achieving an SAT score equivalent to her PSAT score.

The district congratulates Zainab on her tremendous achievement and wishes her much success in the competition.       

Two Schools Named Reward Schools by NYSED

George McVey Elementary School and W. T. Clarke High School have been named Reward Schools by the New York State Education Department for the 2015-2016 school year.

“It is a great honor that two of our schools have received this prestigious recognition,” Superintendent of Schools Leon J. Campo said. “We are extremely proud of our administration and staff for giving their very best to our students.”

The SED identifies Reward Schools as schools with the most progress and/or highest achievement in the state without significant gaps in student achievement. George McVey and W. T. Clarke High School are among 365 schools in the state to receive this honorable designation.

Dance to the Beat


New Parkway Mural is “Out of This World”

The previous Parkway Elementary School fifth-grade art club created an earth friendly mural of the galaxy through the use of bottle caps.

Under the direction of art teacher Ms. Franceska Baer, 40 fifth-grade art club students spent three months constructing the planets and stars of our galaxy.

“The inspiration for the mural came from a photo I found,” said Ms. Baer.  “I wanted to do something different and environmentally friendly.”
The fifth-grade art club collected numerous bottle caps with the help of the entire school. Students and staff were asked to bring in bottle caps and lids of containers to help supply the mural.

W. T. Clarke High School Student Recognized for Eastern Conference

The district congratulates W. T. Clarke High School senior Juliet Rafanelli on being selected to perform in the American Choral Directors Association’s 2016 Eastern Division Conference in Boston, Feb. 10-13.  

“We are extremely proud of Juliet’s hard work,” said Kati Behr, the district’s director of music and art. “We are thrilled to be a part of her musical journey.”

The conference, whose theme this year is “pushing boundaries,” serves to inspire musicians through collaborative performances and interest sessions while strengthening their passion for music.  

Welcome Kindergartners


On a sunny Sept. 3, the smiling faces kindergarteners arrived to the district as they began their first full day of school.

Teachers, staff members and administrators at each of the district’s five elementary schools warmly greeted and assisted kindergartners as they entered their respective school building.

During the first day, kindergartners received a tour of the building, familiarized themselves with their new classroom and participated in a variety of activities to get to know their teacher and classmates. The district wishes all the kindergartners and teachers a wonderful school year!

Where We Stand and Why – An Important Message from the Board of Education


Oct 10, 2015