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Reward for Care

Reward for Care photo
East Meadow High School seniors Sabera Hossain and Rosanna Cuttone were each recently announced as honorees of the Nassau County Bar Association’s Owen B. Walsh WE CARE Scholarship. 

Sabera and Rosanna were selected based on the emphasis of their individual character and personal involvement in school activities and the community, specifically ones that benefit the less fortunate. Both students were also recently recognized with the 2019 Good Deed Award for Long Island Teenagers by the National Committee for Furtherance of Jewish Education of Nassau County. Additionally, they were honored at the school’s Breakfast of Champions for exemplifying academic success, respect and positivity among their peers, school and community.

WE CARE, the charitable arm of the Nassau County Bar Association, acts as a vehicle for the organized bar to use its resources to improve the quality of life for those in need. The organization annually awards scholarships to high school seniors in Nassau County who exemplify its values by providing charitable service to their school and their community. 

The district congratulates Sabera and Rosanna for being awarded these scholarships and for being great examples for future students.

District Talents Celebrated

District Talents Celebrated photo

The District honored the talents and excellence of students representing each school at the annual District Music and Art Awards at East Meadow High School on May 7.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth A. Card, Jr., welcomed all the guests of the evening including the honorees. He also thanked the teachers, administrators and community members who support the district’s programs.

“A special thank you to our faculty, parents and Board of Education that help to support the arts programs and creativity of our students,” said Dr. Card. “We are extremely proud of the accomplishments of our students that help to show the ‘great’ happening here.”

Following Dr. Card’s remarks, the district’s nine school principals presented humanitarian awards to four students from each building. This recognition honors those that lead by example, promote sensitivity and respect for diversity in school and foster tolerance through service to the school community.

Another highlight of the evening was the announcement that the district has been named a nine-time National Association of Music Merchants Best Community for Music Education. 

“Congratulations to all of our students for their success throughout the year with excellence in music and art,” said Director of Music and Art Dr. Christopher Hale. “I want to also thank the staff for their dedication and hard work.”

The district would like to congratulate all of the honorees for sharing their talents and accomplishments with all of us.  


Students Recognized as Future Leaders

Students Recognized as Future Leaders photo
Students Recognized as Future Leaders photo 2
Five students from East Meadow High School have been honored with the 2019 New York State Comptroller’s Student Achievement Award from the office of Thomas DiNapoli.

Nominated by their guidance counselors, seniors Alexandria Dolan, Analisa Giannone, Anthony Leeb, Tyler Patterson and Hailey Schiller received congratulatory certificates in acknowledgment of their achievements. The award promotes the ideal of public service among the leaders of tomorrow and recognizes students that have shown academic excellence and the potential for leadership through involvement in activities that improve the school or community.

The district congratulates these students on their awards and for being role models of future East Meadow students.

Turning History into Excellence

A team of East Meadow High School seniors has been named winner of the Presidential History Award, sponsored by the Sagamore Hill National Historic Site. The students achieved this distinction as a result of their participation in the National History Day Competition, held on March 31 at Hofstra University.

Suha Chaudhury, Celeste Costa, Ava Giorgio and Ayesha Rehman submitted a website project that analyzed the triumph and tragedy of the Jonestown Massacre. The group members were presented with certificates to acknowledge their accomplishment. All four students are involved in the school’s Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society and have an interest in the subject.

“Congratulations to these young historians for their hard work and honors,” said Chairperson of Social Studies Drew Genoino.

A Gallery Full of Talent

This is all setThis is all setThis is all setThis is all setThis is all set

The District opened the doors of the Leon J. Campo Center on May 2 and 3 for the District Art Show. Nearly 1,300 pieces showcased the artistic talents of students at the district’s elementary and secondary schools.

The first day featured an opening reception for students, parents and community members, while the second day featured an open exhibit, whereby passersby were provided an additional opportunity to view the many projects. Artwork was presented in a range of mediums including photography, sculpture, drawing, painting, architecture and graphic design.

“Our student artwork is awe-inspiring,” said Director of Music and Art Dr. Christopher Hale. “Thank you to all who came out to support student creativity in our district.”

Honoring Yom HaShoah

Honoring Yom HaShoah photo

East Meadow High School acknowledged Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, by welcoming guest speakers Felica Katz and Ruth Mermelstein to share stories about the devastating event.

Ms. Katz spoke on behalf of her mother, Ethel Bauer Katz, a Holocaust survivor from Buczacz, Poland. Ethel narrowly escaped the German Army and was the sole survivor of her family, enduring the last few months of the war on her own. After the Soviet Army liberated her town in 1944, Ethel immigrated to the United States. She has summarized her experiences in a memoir titled “Our Tomorrows Never Came.” 

Ms. Mermelstein was born in Romania and was one of six siblings. She and her sister Elisabeth were the only surviving family members of Auschwitz. The two worked as slave laborers and were then transported to work in an ammunition factory. Ruth was sent on a five-week death march before being liberated by British troops. She was diagnosed with tuberculosis and sent by the Red Cross to Sweden, where she met her husband. The couple moved to America to begin the next chapter of their lives together.

“Thank you to our administration, Assistant Principal Christina Egan, Social Studies Chairperson Drew Genoino, and Expanding Pride in Israeli Culture (EPIC) club advisors Joanna Silberman and Margherita Diglio for inviting these two speakers,” said Lindsay Uffer, President of EPIC. “We are lucky to hear these experiences because one day soon we will have no one to share these atrocities first-hand.”

A Role Model Among Peers

A Role Model Among Peers phoyo
East Meadow High School senior Reece Wade will be honored at Nassau County’s Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day program on May 16, with the Students Building Bridges Award.

Reece will be recognized with a citation and a certificate from the Jewish Community Relations Council of Long Island during the program for being a role model to his classmates.

Nominated by Chairperson for Social Studies Drew Genoino, Reece has maintained an outstanding academic record and has shown a devotion to social studies, including Holocaust studies. He is also a member of the Key Club and the Social Studies Honor Society, as well as being the golf team captain. In addition to these accomplishments, Reece performs a variety of community service including participation in Safe Halloween, the Make-a-Wish drive and Adopt-a-Family, along with facilitating the Art Show. 

“Reece’s contributions to the community help connect people from all ethnic and religious backgrounds as well as varying socio-economic backgrounds,” said Mr. Genoino. “He is an excellent student to be honored at the Yom HaShoah program.”

Spreading Good Deeds

Spreading Good Deeds
East Meadow High School students Julia Cuttone, Rosanna Cuttone, Sabera Hossain and Emily Lam have been named recipients of the 2019 Good Deed Award for Long Island Teenagers. Presented by the National Committee for Furtherance of Jewish Education of Nassau County, these distinctions recognize teenagers who are thoughtful, helpful, charitable, kindhearted, supportive, community minded and positive.

With one voice each year, business, government and community leaders come together to honor and thank extraordinary teens for their significant achievement, excellence, effectiveness and creativity as positive role models. 

Students were nominated by their educators, clergy, peers and/or community leaders. To qualify, candidates must demonstrate thoughtfulness, equality/social justice, integrity, honesty and responsibility.

“These teens represent East Meadow and Long Island’s youth with their positive impact, activism and leadership,” said guidance counselor Joanna Silberman.  

Celebrating Cultures

Celebrating Cultures photo

East Meadow High School’s Multicultural Club hosted a Multicultural Celebration on April 11 with various songs and performances to honor diversity in the community.

The assembly featured talent and cultural pride from students as they highlighted songs and dances from such countries as Jamaica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Nigeria, Pakistan, India and Italy to name a few. The high school’s step team also thrilled the audience with a variety number.

“The Multicultural Celebration at East Meadow High School shows the school community’s appreciation for diversity in our district,” said Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Dr. David Casamento. “Congratulations to all the student performers and advisors for a truly entertaining celebration.”

Lesson on Distracted Driving

Lesson on Distracted Driving photo

Students at East Meadow High School received a lesson on the impact of distracted driving from the International Save a Life Tour on March 22.

The Save a Life Tour is a comprehensive, high-impact safe driving awareness program that informs, educates and demonstrates the potentially deadly consequences that can result from poor choices and decisions made by the operator of a motor vehicle.

The presentation was followed by hands-on driving simulations. One simulator was constructed to realistically portray the way impaired driving would feel and the other focused on texting while driving. Students had the opportunity to experience the difficulty of both situations and further understand the importance of always driving sober and without distraction.

The district thanks the Save a Life Tour for visiting East Meadow High School to create awareness on the dangers of unsafe driving.