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Proud to be an American

Proud to be an American photo thumbnail133636
Fifth grade students in Mrs. DiCocco’s social studies class at Barnum Woods Elementary School shared what it means to them to be a great American. In the form of writing projects, they reflected on the theme, and then presented their work to Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth A. Card, Jr. and Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Dr. David Casamento on Sept. 11.  

Students return for an exciting year

Students return for an exciting year  thumbnail133473

Students returned to the District for the first day of school on Sept. 4 with administrators and staff members looking forward to a “Great” year.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth A. Card, Jr., and fellow district officials visited the district’s nine school buildings to welcome students back for the 2019-20 school year. Principals and teachers greeted students as they entered each building to help with the transition into a new year and new classroom. 

“We look forward to a school year filled with possibilities for all of our students,” said Dr. Card. “If we focus on improving outcomes for our students, I am confident that we will have a great year!”  

A Strong Welcome Back

A Strong Welcome Back  thumbnail133472

The District and Bowling Green Elementary School community gathered on Sept. 4 to welcome back fourth grader Mahdi Islam for the first time since his heart transplant last spring.

Mahdi was greeted by students, teachers and administrators as he made an emotional return filled with excitement. He entered the building with a radiant smile as he noticed the crowd waiting for him. Students and staff members lined the hallways as he was led by the school’s mascot to his fourth grade classroom, where he was eager to rejoin his classmates and friends.

Bowling Green held a similar rally last April to support Mahdi prior to his heart transplant. The school called the event “Super Hero Day.” Everyone who wore a superhero shirt or costume donated at least $1.  The contributions raised that day amounted to $4,000 and was donated to help support the Islam family. Additionally, Madhi was able to take part in the celebration through a surprise FaceTime call with his teacher Christine Reiman.

This time however, Madhi was able to see in person the encouragement and love shown by the entire community as he walked through the hallways with a smile from ear to ear.  “I was really excited to see my best friends and teachers,” said Mahdi.

Mahdi’s father, Saidul, was taken back by the reaction from the students and teachers who have not seen Mahdi since last year.  “I cannot thank the East Meadow School District and the Bowling Green School enough for all of the support they have shown our family,” said Saidul. “We are very thankful to the community.”

Mahdi had no hesitation as he seamlessly stepped back into school work and demonstrated his excitement to take on the adventures of fourth grade this school year.

Welcome Back East Meadow

1 thumbnail133368
The district welcomes back all students, teachers, staff and administrators for the first day of school. Make it a great year!

Superintendent’s Conference Day Sparks East Meadow

Superintendent’s Conference Day Sparks New School Year photo thumbnail133341

The start of a new school year in the District was signaled by the annual Superintendent’s Conference Day on Sept. 3.

The Superintendent’s Day Opening Convocation welcomed staff members from all nine district buildings into the W.T. Clarke High School auditorium. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kenneth A. Card, Jr. greeted all returning and new staff members as everyone prepared for the first day of school.

Among the speakers during the convocation was Barnum Woods Elementary School psychologist Leeanne Bonnet, Ph. D. Dr. Bonnet delivered a presentation on mindfulness and described various techniques that teachers can use inside and outside the classroom. She closed by emphasizing the importance of knowing when to slow down. Other notable speakers during the day included, Mr. Matt Melnick, East Meadow Board of Education President, Ms. Veronica Nicastro, East Meadow PTA Council President, Mr. John Gallagher, EMTA President, and Mr. Timothy Voels, EMSSA President.  The event concluded with a speech by Dr. Card where he focused on the responsible use of social media and the district’s motto: “continuous improvement for student success ensures that great happens here in East Meadow.”

Administrators and teachers returned to their respective building following the convocation to review the year’s upcoming strategies, goals and mission. The main objective continues to be finding the best methods to help each student maximize their potential during the 2019-20 school year.