McVey Elementary School


In this virtual lab, you will examine reaction time as it relates to the nervous and muscular systems.
Embark on a series of missions to solve environmental problems on a fictional island.
An interactive flash animation comparing animal and plant cell organelles.
An interactive in which you build a typical animal cell and a typical plant cell.
In this virtual lab, you will examine physical properties of various minerals. You will identify a mystery mineral by performing scientific tests.
Want to learn more about butterflies and moths? This site has brief and to the point information.
Show what you have learned from the Forces in Action activity
Show what you have learned from the Forces in Action activity
An interactive flash animation that allows you to change variables to create a strong electromagnet
Facts about endangered species from around the world
Carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore game.
find clues, do experiments, and solve problems as we journey into the world of plants.
The best place for Yucky science fun.
Cool science inquiries, answers and explanations focusing on an assortment of topics
Nine Planets, Space and beyond
Discover Habitats and food chains
Cell, Micro-organisms, Plants, Vertebrates, Invertebrates, & Animal systems.
Science GIZMO
Interactive simulation that demonstrates what would happen "in the meadow" depending on how many predators, prey, and plants you decide to add
Science GIZMO
GREAT interactive site for simple machines that trade distance for force by Museum of Science and Industry (Chicago)
This site is from Idaho Public Television, Has video on the basics
Read about simple machines and the trade-offs to use less force and work
A fun way to challenge your thinking about cause and effect and to consider how all the working parts (many are simple machines) operate together.
Great simulator site with lots of facts about the planets in our solar system.