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Senior Project

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Assessment:         Pass/Fail – 4 Quarters 

1st Quarter

2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter


Registration & Resume

Online Contract Form Completed by Students

Hours in Progress
Office Verification of Placement

Hours & Activity Log
Final Office Verification


Academic Requirements: 
English Department
· Final Exam - English Research Paper 
· 5  Reflective Journals
· 3 Oral Presentations
· Résumé  
Social Studies Department
· Attend Senior Project Workshops
· Actively engage in meaningful discussions to support internships/community service placements

Senior Project -
Mandatory for all seniors!!

**Internship/Community Service Requirements**
Minimum of 25 hours
· Expected completion date May 1st
· Student and Sponsor to set schedule
· Student to meet with coordinators independently. 
· Required Paperwork:
* Resume  * Contract  * Hours Log      
* Senior English Research paper

**** Prohibited ****
· EMHS teacher sponsors
· Family Member as Sponsor
· Intern at Current Job
· Payment for Hours
· Placement in a private residence or Business with less than 2 employees
· Hazardous Placements

* All placements are subject to review for approval by the EMSD.

Senior Project Resorces

Program Description

Senior Project actively engages all EMHS seniors in a "real life" experience throughout their senior year. Throughout the first semester, students are involved in multiple workshops to prepare for Internship or Community Service placement.

Senior Project has the potential to foster compassion, creativity, citizenship and confidence in students as they enter the college,  workforce, and society. Students assume adult responsibilities and obligations as they progress through the project. The positive impact gained from the hands-on experience with community professionals is tremendous. 




Office:  Room H13        Periods: 8th & 9th          Phone:  516 228-5348         

  Email:  sproject@emufsd.us            

Phone 516-228-5331 * Fax 516-228-5339 * 101 Carman Avenue, East Meadow, NY 11554

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