Principal in front of school


Barnum Woods Elementary School
East Meadow, NY

A Message from our Principal

Gregory J.R. Bottari

Welcome to Barnum Woods Elementary School! Barnum Woods is one of five elementary schools in the East Meadow School District. We are located at the southern end of the school district and serve a population of approximately 730 students, K-5.

The Barnum Woods Elementary School is dedicated to creating a learning environment, which enables our students to meet the demands of a changing, dynamic society. Our goal is to provide a quality education for every student in a safe, nurturing and engaging environment. The priorities of our school are to attain high student achievement, self-esteem and a natural love of learning.

Our school programs offer countless opportunities for our students to grow and succeed. We believe our success is due to the hard work and dedication of all members of the Barnum Woods community. This includes staff and parents, working together, to provide a quality education for our students.

Our Curricular Programs

The Barnum Woods Elementary School offers numerous, progressive academic programs, including:


  • the implementation of the "Common Core" State Standards (CCSS) including rigorous content with a focus on problem solving and critical thinking skills;


  • an intense emphasis on reading more informational and complex texts more carefully, discussing reading using evidence from texts, writing for more authentic purposes, using evidence to justify thinking and reasoning, as well as incorporating literacy across the curriculum and developing a more in-depth academic vocabulary;


  • mastering fewer mathematical concepts and instead, being expected to understand "how" and "why" math works, as well as being able to prove findings;


  • incorporating practices that rest on important processes and proficiencies, including problem-solving, reasoning and proof, communication, representation, and an ability to make relevant real-world connections;


  • an Academic Intervention Services (AIS) program that assists students in need of remediation;


  • implementation of innovative technologies-SMART Boards, Computer Labs, Videoconferencing and CPS Systems to enhance learning;


  • Student Council programs that highlight Community Service and good citizenship;


  • a hands-on science program focused on development of inquiry skills;


  • a social studies program which encourages participation, citizenship and concept development;
  • an approach to the arts (music, physical education and art) that is comprehensive and creative;
  • and, a Character Education program that integrates naturally into all academic disciplines.


Our PTA is involved and extremely supportive of our school initiatives. PTA provides students with cultural activities, Family Fun Nights, book fairs and many extra experiences. The PTA President, Ms. Kong, and the Executive Council work diligently throughout the school year to help make school an enjoyable and engaging environment. We certainly could not do it without our parents and our PTA!


Gregory J. R. Bottari